Strategies to improve Age Pension entitlements V2 Secondary

Strategies and considerations to help improve Age Pension

A few relatively simple changes may help make the difference between a retirement of comfort, or compromise for your clients.

These tips may work best for clients who: 
  • are on a part Age Pension but could be getting more; or
  • currently miss out but could be eligible for a part Age Pension by restructuring.
Simply restructuring your clients' assets may be all it takes to potentially boost their Age Pension entitlements. 
Top 10 social security means testing FAQs of 2020
Top 10 social security means testing FAQs of 2020

Minh Ly, Challenger’s Technical Services Manager, will run through answers to the most asked questions on social security means testing.

Invest in a lifetime annuity v2 CONTENT
Invest in a lifetime annuity

Investing in a lifetime income stream may help boost your clients’ Age Pension - thanks to Government means testing rules.

Gifting limits and the Age Pension
Gifting limits and the Age Pension

Discover how Centrelink gifting limits work when a client wants to give away assets to another person.

Age Pension impact due to spouse passing away
Age Pension impact due to spouse passing away

There are a number of financial considerations that require appropriate prioritisation in the event of the death of a spouse.

Appropriate valuation v2 CONTENT
Appropriate valuation of non financial assets

Make sure incorrect asset valuations aren’t reducing your clients’ Age Pension entitlements. Most assets depreciate over time - providing an opportunity to increase your clients’ Age Pension.

Transfer your assets to a younger spouses super CONTENT
Transfer assets to a younger spouse's super

Transferring assets into super for a spouse who is under Age Pension age may help reduce your clients’ assessable assets and increase their Age Pension entitlements.

The upside of casual or parttime work CONTENT
The upside of casual or part-time work

Clients who are keen to keep working may earn up to $300 a fortnight and be able to benefit from the Work Bonus test before it counts towards the income test.

Renovating the home v2 CONTENT
Renovating the family home

Renovating the family home could be a way for your clients to reduce their assessable assets and boost their Age Pension.

Pay down debt CONTENT
Pay down debt

Using assessable assets to repay credit card debt - or even a home mortgage – may reduce a client’s overall assessable assets.